Fiat X1/9 Meeting in Rzeszów 2008

Fiat X1/9 is a little funny and rare sportscar from 1970's. Called as 'little ferrari' was designed by Bertone. Very light with ~900kg and cheap nowadays has lot of fans. As me. Lets back to 2008 and see some photos and a video from X1/9's gathering in Rzeszów.

Seat Leon Cupra 310HP Limited Edition

Photoshoot of Seat Leon Cupra 310HP Limited Edition. Special edition by SEAT of The Nederlands. 100 units was made. Eye-catching orange paint, black rims and lot of power on front wheels - 310hp and 425nm. Fastest SEAT produced with 259km/h v-max. 


Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

My photoshoot of marvelous Ferrari 599. Fresh new, super clean and shiny. Really big car, outside and inside but the boot, surprisingly small. Monstrous, beautifly sounding V12 makes it fast as hell.
One of the all time greatest granturismo.